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Dress up the front door. Your homes front entry is what guests will notice first regarding your curb appeal. Painting your front door can definitely add brightness and spruce up the look of your front porch. Picking a bold color that stands out will make a statement, no doubt. Make sure to properly prepare all surfaces before painting to make your paint job last as long as possible. Clean off any dirty spots on the door and install new hardware fixtures. Most exterior paint will cost you approximately $20-$30 a gallon. Add extra charm by hanging a new wreath each season, this allows you to change the look of your front entryway as often as you’d like.

Install flower boxes. Adding flower boxes to your windows will add a splash of vibrant color to your home. Install them below the windows or on the front porch railings. Pick colorful flowers that go with the color scheme of your front door and shutters. Window boxes are relatively inexpensive and can make a fun afternoon DIY project. Just remember to take good care of the flowers in order to keep your curb appeal looking fresh. If you would rather not hang flower boxes, consider adding some plants or flowers in pots and placing them on the steps or by the front door.

Potted plants. Adding a couple of flower pots to your front porch will make for a feel-good entrance. A bright hydrangea on each side of the door or a few potted plants on your front steps will add brightness and life to your front porch. You can even place hanging baskets on your front porch to really boost the appeal. This simple addition will offer a welcoming feeling, as well as add eye-catching color.

Manicure the lawn. Caring for your front lawn is a do-it-yourself task that can add instant curb appeal to your home. Cut the grass regularly and remove any weeds that may make your yard look messy. It is always a great idea to edge your lawn around the driveway and walkways to keep your yard looking pristine. If you need to revive the green in your lawn in a hurry for an open house or for showings to potential buyers, you can spray your lawn with a green lawn spray paint that’s especially formulated for grass. You must not forget to trim the trees and bushes while you’re at it.

Light up the exterior. Adding lighting to the outside of your home is a good way to accentuate your lawn, landscaping, pool or garden. Light up your front porch by hanging string lights from the top, illuminate your walkway or flower beds with post lights, or replace your front porch light fixtures. Adding light to the exterior of your home not only adds curb appeal, but it makes the walkways safer for your family and guests.

Adding pizzazz to the front of your home is an easy, low-cost way to spruce up your home’s curb appeal. Little additions make a big impact in improving curb appeal, which is an essential step in getting your home sold. If you’re thinking of selling your house, take the time to evaluate how it looks from the street.

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