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5 Tips to Prepare Your Landscaping During the Spring

1. Check your irrigation system

Spring is when the weather is starting to get hot, which is a concern for your landscaping. Be sure to run your irrigation system, and check for any broken sprinkler heads or pipes.

2. Mulch your landscape

Old mulch can create a mat on your landscaping beds that encourage breeding for disease and insects. In fact, old mulch also creates a layer that blocks nutrients from getting to your plants. Remove the old mulch and add new mulch during the spring to help your plants get more nutrients and more water. This will bring new life to your landscaping beds and also helps to prevent weeds.

3. Trim your shrubs and hedges

In order to give them a good start for the spring season, trimming the shrubs, hedges, small trees, or plants in your yard is highly recommended.

4. Apply fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed killer

Early in spring, use a combination of fertilizer, which feeds your grass, and pre-emergent, an herbicide used to prevent crabgrass. Then, six to eight weeks later, apply both products again, along with a broadleaf weed killer.

5. Don’t seed until fall

It’s tempting to fill brown patches with grass seed, but if you are also applying pre-emergent or weed killer, the seeds won’t germinate. Instead, fertilize the lawn, and in a few weeks shoots will grow and fill in the brown spots. If the brown patches are too big, or you just can’t wait, sod is the better option.

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