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Amazing Trees For Oklahoma's Weather

The trees listed below should help guide the home and/or business owner in making informed plant selections. Not all of the trees listed will necessarily thrive throughout Oklahoma, nor have all been listed which could be grown in various locations within the state. They have not been listed in order of desirability, however, they have been found to perform above average throughout many areas of the state. The best policy is to strive for tree diversity in the home or business landscape. Try a variety of trees, not only to guarantee survivability of at least most of the plantings but also to increase the diversity which often enhances the aesthetic quality of the landscape.

Blue Atlas Cedar is a 40-50 feet evergreen at maturity with a bold pyramidal form with sparkling silvery-blue needles. It is often planted too close to structures as it can reach 30 feet in width. It requires a well-drained soil.

Amur Maple is 15-20 feet at maturity with shiny three-lobed leaves. Some varieties have attractive red fruit. Ask for varieties with red fall color. It is quite adaptable, pest free, and becomes rounded in habit at maturity.

Oklahoma Redbud is 20-25 feet at maturity with lustrous shiny leaves and deep purple flowers in spring. It is moderate to slow growing with yellow fall color. It is a widely adaptable, tough, durable small tree. A white blooming variety is also available.

Desert Willow is 15-25 feet at maturity with a rounded, umbrella like crown. Trumpet shaped blooms in summer are pink or lavender depending on the variety. A rapid growing tree when young, It will not tolerate poorly drained soils or wet conditions.

October Glory Maple (Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’) is 40 feet at maturity with a broadly oval to round shape. It has deep red to reddish-purple fall color. A rapid grower in a wide range of soils but is only moderately tolerant to drought.

Bald Cypress is 50-80 feet at maturity with fern-like foliage. It is drought tolerant and has reddish-brown fall color. It has attractive, rounded fruit. It becomes pyramidal at maturity and is medium to fast in growth rate. It may grow “root knees” in wet sites.

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