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Benefits of a French Drain......

Proper drainage is crucial for the protection of the exterior and interior of the home. When water pools in one place for too long, it can begin to saturate the ground which can lead to damage of your home’s foundation. A French drain can provide a solution if a soggy yard or property. A French drain system is a commonly used method for diverting water away from your property to prevent these risks. Here are some of the numerous benefits of a professionally installed French drain system:

* Cost-Effective: A French drain system is a relatively inexpensive system that works by letting gravity do the work, unless additional pump systems are required by your particular situation.

* Barely noticeable: Because a French drain system operates beneath the ground, it remains unobtrusive and invisible. Once the pipes and gravel are laid, they can be covered back over with grass, decorative pebbles, or permeable walkway pavers.

* Protects Foundation, Low Lying Areas, and Patios: The accumulated water around your home can soften the soil, weaken the strength of your home’s foundation, and cause shifting and cracking of surfaces. A French drain system will keep the water away from the foundation and divert it away from the home.

* Maintaining a French Drain: A French drain doesn’t require too much maintenance. Having it cleared of leaves and other debris once a year by a professional contractor is enough to keep your French drain in operation.

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