Here’s a couple tips that can help you with your landscape & property towards the ends of summer.

Updated: Jan 13

Water What You Can

Watering your lawn and garden can be problematic, depending on local limitations. Use your rain barrel to keep containers and hanging baskets moist, and consider watering the grass weekly when rain is scarce. About 1-inch of water is all that your lawn needs!

Keep an Eye Out for Pests

Many pests hit your landscape in spring, only to disappear as the summer heat rises. Others become established and enjoy the summer as much as we do, reeking havoc in your gardens and throughout the grass. Tackle grubs and other lawn pests with organic solutions and safe pesticides. Grub control this year often leads to fewer pests next year, so think long term and do the hard work now.

Deadhead and Harvesting

Deadhead your flowers to encourage growth and maintain a neat appearance. Annuals like petunias and pansies take just a few minutes to deadhead, while other annuals and many perennials require cutting.

Start Light Pruning