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Here’s Some Ideas For You This Springtime.

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Since the springtime is seen as a time of rebirth and regrowth there are some additional thins that a you or a Garnder can employ to make sure that they maintain a safe and nurturing environment throughout their gardens.

Due to the harsh, cold, conditions of winter here in Oklahoma, debris inevitably accumulates in grass and on lawns. Since lawns require no more than ½ an inch of buildup gardeners should rake away any excess debris from their grass or lawns. This also helps to control thatch on the lawn and offers an opportunity to look for matted areas. Raking will also allow the lawn a chance to breathe again.

Over time lawns can become compacted especially with a lot of traffic or excess debris so to help with this it is highly recommended that gardeners aerate proprerties in order to avoid this. If you are not sure how to aerate your property you can always contact a professional landscaping company. Lastly, mulching your yard or property is another effective system that gardeners ought to practice during spring as it offers several benefits to existing or emerging flowers, plants and trees in gardens. Placing mulch in flowerbeds and around plants and trees helps them retain moisture during the early spring months. It also helps to reduce the temperature of plant roots and insulates them in event of an unexpected freeze during the spring. Contact Premier Landscape today.

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