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How To Clean Your Flowerbed In Spring

Beyond just the appearance, there are many benefits; like reducing potential for disease and weeds during the growing months.

Wait until the temps are in the 50sF consistently before beginning your spring garden clean up. Many types of bees and other pollinators hibernate in plant stems and leaves over winter, and won’t emerge until it’s warm enough. You don’t want to accidentally kill them by starting too early.

It’s also best to wait until the ground has thawed and dried out a bit. If you start walking around in your beds while the soil is still wet, it can cause compaction. This can make it very difficult for plants to grow later on. Here’s a quick look at the tasks for spring gardening cleanup checklist…

  • Prune shrubs

  • Remove winter mulch

  • Brush back leaves on top of plants

  • Pull any dead annuals

  • Remove dead growth from perennials

  • Clean up your vegetable beds

  • Pull the weeds

  • Edge your garden beds

Any questions, feel free to contact us.

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