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Landscaping Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

  1. Decide how much space you want to landscape vs how much landscape maintenance you want to have.

  2. Decide on the appropriate plants for the location by considering sun and shade.

  3. Decide on how to space the plants by considering how large they will eventually grow.

  4. Plant in groups of three or five if you are making small groupings of similar plants.

  5. Decide on your location bed materials. Mulch & decorative gravel are common options.

  6. If you use gravel put down fabric first, aviod pea size gravels they often wash out or make a mess in traffic areas.

  7. If you use mulch then it’s best not to use any fabric so you don’t block the nutrients from the organic material (mulch).

  8. Re mulch every year in the Spring and/or use a pre emergent to cut back on weeding for the year.

  9. Define the landscape with a border, for decorative gravel metal edging is common, for mulch you can often use a shovel to edge your bed.

  10. Make it unique! Add a few larger rocks or accents to the landscape in some manner.

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