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Landscaping Tips for the Summer Rainy Season

You might need to adjust your landscaping to reflect the changes in the weather. Take a look at these top tips for making sure your exterior stays in pristine condition:

1. Turn Off Sprinklers

The last thing you need is for your landscaping to become waterlogged. Extreme rainfall is characteristic of this season, so let the weather be in charge and turn off the sprinkler systems. The environment (and your expense account) will thank you.

2. Have a Plan in Place for Soil Erosion

With a large amount of heavy rain, your soil can take a beating. Reduce the opportunity for soil erosion by installing sandbags in problem areas.

3. Keep Drains Clear

With extreme weather in full swing, keep an eye on your drainage system, as it can often become overwhelmed with debris. Make a conscious effort to check and clean the drains. Keeping a log can help ensure drains are reviewed regularly. If certain drains are more susceptible to clogging, make a note to check them more often.

4. Be Vigilant with the Trees and Hedges

Trees can often be damaged by storms, so keep on top of any low hanging branches that may have been impacted by heavy rainfall. After a particularly bad storm, review the trees and hedges, and trim where needed. Prune your shrubs to encourage healthy growth, and plant any new plants that thrive in this weather.

5. Use Mulch

There are a number of benefits to mulch. Mulch helps keeps plants healthy and hydrated during the hot, sunny summer months. It can also help reduce soil erosion. Mulch can provide soil with additional nutrients, help control weeds, and there are many varieties to choose from.

6. Prepare for Storms

If there is a big storm on the way, take care to prepare. Trim branches (especially those close to the exterior of the building and near power lines) and bring in any items like plant pots that might be a safety issue in high winds. Stake young trees to keep them in their place.

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