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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Dos and Don’ts

Before installing landscape lighting, learn these tips, tricks, dos and don'ts! See where to place landscaping lighting for the best effect.

  • Don’t Focus on Outdoor Landscape Lighting First While your mind is on landscape lighting, you actually shouldn’t focus on lighting up your pathways and other landscape features, like your trees, first. In fact, you should begin with the primary focus of your outdoor lighting—the most prized part of your property.

  • Where to Place Landscaping Lighting: Do Focus on Lighting the House First Surely, the most prized, and expensive, part of your property is your home. Without it, what would landscape lighting even mean?! That’s why you should first put your attention on lighting your house using the right type of outdoor light fixtures that illuminate your home and provide safety and security at night. You should position lighting fixtures so that they highlight walls of the house as well as architectural features.

  • Where to Place Landscaping Lighting: Don’t Overdo It When it comes to landscape lighting, don’t group too many fixtures in one space. While your thought might be to create optimal lighting of a certain object or space, you’re merely drawing more attention to the lights themselves.

  • Where to Place Landscaping Lighting: Do Take Advantage of Multiple Layers If you want to really create a bright spotlight, avoid grouping a lot of fixtures and instead position several spotlights with different angles toward the object, like a garden statue or topiary, that you want to illuminate. This will reveal silhouettes and layers that make for a dramatic effect.

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