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Spring Preparation

Spring Preparation Chore No. 1: Check Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs have been weathering the winter weather right along with the rest of us, so take an opportunity next month to:

  • Prune rose bushes as soon as you see the buds starts to swell

  • Prune shrubs or trees with apparent winter damage

  • Make sure you’re still taking precautions to protect your trees and shrubs before a freeze

Following these tips should help your trees and shrubs to perk right up once spring has sprung.

Spring Preparation Chore No. 2: Look at the Lawn

The lawn may look dormant, but it’s still kicking under the surface and needs a little late winter attention. Look after your lawn by:

  • Addressing any emerging weeds with a post-emergence herbicide

  • Keeping off the frozen grass

  • Applying a pre-emergent herbicide to control crabgrass when your soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit

Spring Preparation Chore No. 3: Maintenance

Clean up and maintenance is always needed before spring, so when the ground starts to thaw you should:

  • Till your garden

  • Keep an eye out for brown praying mantis eggs – but don’t get rid of them since they like to eat other garden pests

  • Sharpen your garden tools and lawnmower blades

  • Start up all your power tools to make sure they run smoothly after their winter slumber

  • Turn your compost pile

  • Create a garden calendar, making sure to include seed germination times and planting dates

  • Start your seed flats inside in bright but indirect light

Spring Preparation Chore No. 4: Check on Your Annuals and Container Plants

Any plants you have in a container, including annuals inside or out, need special attention too. You should:

  • Use winter blooming fertilizer on your annuals that find this an ideal time to bloom

  • Keep your annuals in containers protected from the freezing temperatures, but don’t forget to water

  • Go ahead and plant poppies for the spring by sprinkling them over the last snow of the season

Have no fear! Spring will be here before you know it. So, start planning for the bright and sunny days ahead now to help deal with your spring fever or contact us today!

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