Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Water Features

Have you ever considered adding an outdoor water feature to your landscape? If so, we can understand why. Outdoor landscape water features add sound, texture and movement to landscape designs, while helping homeowners create more natural surroundings to dwell in.

On paper, water features are eye-catching, but what they offer is far more than that. A functional and visually appealing landscape consists of several different elements that work harmoniously together. One landscaping element that greatly contributes to the overall beauty and use of a landscape design is water. That brings us to our list of unexpected benefits of water features…

With Outdoor Water Features, You Can…

1. Get the Sounds of Nature at Your Doorstep

Amid busy schedules and long work days, it’s not often possible to get away from it all and enjoy nature’s soothing sounds. With water features, you can bring the sounds of nature right to your outdoor space.

Imagine coming home from work, dropping your papers at the door, and wandering to the patio table next to your outdoor landscape water feature. The stress of the day will melt away as you listen to the water cascade down the fountain, bubbling rock, or other type of water feature.

Alongside the positive mental effects that come with listening to the sounds of running water, a backyard waterfall also produces negative ions that improve air quality — helping you and your family breathe easier.

2. Reduce Noise Pollution

While the sounds of falling water can reduce stress, adding a water feature to your landscape can also drown out the surrounding neighborhood noises we’re used to — the sounds of cars driving by, the chatter of next-door neighbors, etc. Blocking out these noises helps to create a more tranquil and private environment for homeowners that is sure to promote relaxation.

3. Invite More Wildlife onto Your Property

As soon as your outdoor water feature is installed, you’ll begin to notice an increase in the wildlife on your property. Birds will stop by to say hello, while dragonflies will also emerge. Inviting these kinds of wildlife onto your property provides entertainment as well as learning opportunities for your family.

Recognizing that all living creatures need water to survive, an outdoor water feature supports life in your little corner of the world. In conjunction with the plants you include in your landscape design, you’ll help bring harmony to the habitat around you.

As an added bonus, these water features can always also be a drinking fountain for your pets, keeping them cool on those hot summer days and enabling them to spend more time outdoors.