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Water Drainage Solutions..

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Sources of drainage problems commonly found on residential properties can include: clogged downspouts and gutters; lawn grades that are sloped toward the home; leaking egress windows or window wells in basements (if you have one) soil erosion; leaky irrigation systems; improper sump pump discharge; and a cheap drainage pipe within your system.

Drainage Systems-Adding underground drains can assist in redirecting surface water or ground water away from an area. These trench drains should ideally be installed in areas where excess water is pooling. They are constructed of three main components.

  1. Piping—Trench drains contain perforated pipes to carry excess water away. The perforations allow water to enter the pipe freely and then transport the water to another location, such as a storm drain.

  2. Gravel—Gravel surrounds the pipe. It's porous nature allows water to filter down freely enough to ensure that any It's and all water can enter the pipe but slowly enough that the system will not be overwhelmed. The gravel should be round stone (3/4″) to allow the water to flow.

  3. Fabric—Surrounding the entire trench is filter fabric. This allows water to pass through freely, but keeps out other elements like rocks and soil, which might clog the system.

French Drain-An underground structure designed to collect excess water. Its intent is to hold the water until it can reach the sand vein near the bottom of the system to dissipate back in to the sandy soil.

Yard Re-Grading. Every yard has some sort of slope to it. A yard with no grade or a minimal grade will result in standing surface water that collects or pools in the grass. A negative grade that slopes toward a home or building is even more problematic. Re-grading a yard to create a positive grade that slopes away from the home and directs stormwater toward an overland flow/central underground system is ideal.

Additionally, assess if the sump pump is working properly. A sump pump will generally only overflow if the pump itself ceases to function or is clogged with debris. Therefore, you need to understand that a little maintenance can go a long way! #trustus #frenchdrainspecialist #irrigationsystems

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