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What Are The Most Common Signs Of Drainage System Failure In My Yard?

In many cases, drainage system failure provides clear signs that the homeowner can spot. To be aware of potential damage, be sure to perform regular inspections within your property to search for signs of damage, particularly after heavy periods of precipitation. Clear indicators of drainage system failure in the yard include puddles and pools of water, water-saturated soil, and yard erosion. You can check the height of your soil against your home’s foundation to evaluate if it has been eroded due to an excessively quick drainage system that removes water too fast. Your topsoil should not be moving with each rainfall. Additionally, it’s important to inspect your gutters to ensure that they are not clogged by any debris such as falling leaves. Make sure that your gutters are properly cleared and the downspouts are directed far enough away from your home to properly eject water away from the residence.

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