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Top 10 Landscaping Ideas For Oklahoma

1. Irrigation

Temperature, Common misconception during winter months. Adjust for the season. More water for summer.

2. Health & Maintenance

Plan to maintain this living art piece, prune, water, feed clean tools. Common misconception

3. Plant Type

Fall and spring types, plants that work well together. Make sure it is meant to grow in the Oklahoma climate. Tree vs. shrub, perennial vs. annual

4. Soil Type

Know the soil in your area and match that to the plants you purchase. Oklahoma County Extension soil test for home owners

5. Turf Type

Turf type will depend on the amount of shade your property receives on a daily basis. Fescue is great for those lawns filled with trees that cast a shadow all day long. Bermuda is for a lawn that lacks shade and gets lots of sunshine. If you have more shade you will need to water and maintain more often.

6. Budget

Plan out your budget during the fall months. Keep in mind cost and quantity need to be carefully planned out. You don’t want to spend your entire budget on a few plants. This would leave the area with a lot of empty spaces.

7. Timing

Each season of the year you can plan certain parts of your landscaping. Fall is a great time to add those new trees, shade grass and perennials. Winter it is time to start prepping the area of all your landscapes and potting certain seeds indoors. During an early Spring day either at sunset or on a cloudy day start planting annual flowers that love warm weather. Summer months are all about irrigation.

8. Quantity

We have all seen those homes that are more garden than home. Not everyone is going to be able to keep up or afford a jungle like that. Measure your spaces and make sure everything you plant has ample space to grow and thrive.

9. Stone Usage

Using stones in your landscaping allows for adventurous ideas. Whether using them to form a bed of flowers or to fill a large area of plants, stones can be placed strategically. Stones are also easier to maintain, they don’t need water and can survive just about any weather thrown at them.

10. Artistic Features

A landscape is not all sod and plants. You can add artistic touches throughout your area. Adding eclectic pottery to areas that lack greenery is a wonderful way to accent cement patios and walkways. Sculptures can be a great way to show off your artistic style. Add one to a large yard or in a lush bed of green.

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